See below either the 3 generation or the 5 generation extended pedigree. If you do not find the goat of interest please contact us. Click on the name to view.

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Pedigrees--Bucks & Bucklings

Vaz 3DS Don Diego Dna-P Don Diego Certificate 483 KB
3DS Kingman Dna-S Extended Pedigree for Reference Only 40.5 KB
Oak DS 148 Bravehart DZR Dna-P Oak DS Bravehart DZR extended Pedigree 79.6 KB
Vaz Samuel - Dna-P Registration Certificate 1.36 MB
Vaz Simon - Dna-P Registration Certificate 1.65 MB
Vaz Solitaire--Dna_P Registration Certificate 1.68 MB
Vaz Geronimo Vaz Geronimo Dna-P 1.67 MB
Vaz Dartagnan Vaz Dartagnan Dna-P 1.71 MB
Vaz Titan Vaz Titan - Dna-P 1.74 MB
Vaz Sir Galahad Vaz Sir Galahad - Dna-P 1.11 MB
Vaz Sir Gawain Vaz Sir Gawain Dna-P 1.36 MB

Pedigrees-Mature Does

3DS Gabrelle-Dna-S 3DS Gabrelle Extended Pedigree
42.3 KB
3DS Destiny Dna-P Destiny Extended Pedigree 77.2 KB
Vaz Mia Dna-P Vaz Mia Certificate 2.28 MB
Vaz Farrah Dna-P Vaz Farrah Certificate 2.83 MB
Vaz Sasha Dna-P Vaz G50 Sasha Certificate 1.76 MB
Vaz Fiona Dna-P Vaz Fiona Certificate 1.32 MB
Vaz Dakota Dna-P Vaz Dakota certificate 1.32 MB
3DS Peggy Sue Dna-P 3DS Peggy Sue Certificate 1.34 MB
Vaz Maya Dna-P Vaz Maya Certificate 1.7 MB
Vaz Monique Dna-P Vaz Monique Certificate 1.35 MB

Pedigrees- Does --Yearlings & Future Prospects

Vaz Darla Dna-P Vaz Darla - Yearling to be bred fall 2020 1.4 MB
Vaz Mikhaila- dna-P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.4 MB
Vaz Diva - Dna - P Yearling to be bred fall 2020 Breedings 1.4 MB
Vaz Freya - Dna - P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.41 MB
Vaz Felicity - Dna -P Yearling to be bred in 2020 Breedings 1.41 MB
Vaz Gaia - Dna -P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.82 MB
Vaz Fallon - Dna - P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.87 MB
Vaz Sonia - Dna-P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.4 MB
Vaz Stefanya - Dna-P Yearling to be bred in 2020 breedings 1.43 MB
Vaz Lucille Dna-P Weanling to be bred late 2020-Prospect 1.65 MB
Vaz Flor--Dna-P Vaz Flor -- Yearling to be bred 2020 1.42 MB
Vaz Fancy-Dna-P Vaz Fancy -Future Prospect 1.71 MB
Vaz Gwendolyn Dna-P Vaz Gwendolyn Future Prospect 1.38 MB
Vaz Estrella- Dna-P Vaz Estrella Future Prospect 1.8 MB
Vaz Diana - Dna-P Vaz Diana Future Prospect 1.75 MB

Doelings Pedigrees

Vaz Mona Vaz Mona Dna-P 1.74 MB
Vaz Macy Vaz Macy Dna-P 1.71 MB
Vaz Daniela Vaz Daniela Dna-P 1.73 MB
Vaz Gina Vaz Gina - Dna-P 1.4 MB
Vaz Sabrina Vaz Sabrina - Dna-P 1.39 MB
Vaz Georgia Vaz Georgia - Dna-P 1.69 MB
Vaz Fabiola Vaz Fabiola Dna-P 1.75 MB

Pedigrees of Our Best Past Does for reference only

HH C10 Bella Bella Pedigree 35.7 KB