See below either the certificate with 3 generations or the 5 generation extended pedigree. If you do not find the goat of interest please contact us or check back we are still updating this page. Click on the name to view.


Vaz 3DS Don Diego Dna-P Don Diego Certificate 483 KB
3DS Kingman Dna-S 3DS Kingman Extended Pedigree 40.5 KB
Oak DS 148 Braveheart DZR Dna-P Braveheart Certificate 1.34 MB
Oak DS 148 Braveheart DZR pedigree Oak DS Braveheart DZR extended Pedigree 79.6 KB
3DS Gabrelle--Dna-S 3DS Gabrelle Extended Pedigree
42.3 KB
3DS Destiny Dna-P Destiny Extended Pedigree 77.2 KB
Vaz Mia Dna-P Vaz Mia Certificate 2.28 MB
Vaz Farrah Dna-P Vaz Farrah Certificate 2.83 MB
Vaz Sasha Dna-P Vaz G50 Sasha Certificate 1.76 MB
Vaz Fiona Dna-P Vaz Fiona Certificate 1.32 MB
Vaz Denver Dna-P Vaz Denver Extended Pedigree 76.7 KB
Vaz Denver Dna-P Vaz Denver Certificate 1.36 MB
Vaz Dakota Dna-P Vaz Dakota certificate 1.32 MB
3DS Peggy Sue Dna-P 3DS Peggy Sue Certificate 1.34 MB
Vaz Maya Dna-P Vaz Maya Certificate 1.7 MB
Vaz Monique Dna-P Vaz Monique Certificate 1.35 MB
Vaz Darla Dna-P Vaz Darla Certificate 1.4 MB
Vaz Dana Dna-P Vaz Dana Certificate 1.87 MB