Fullblood Savanna Goats for Sale

The 2 doelings Vaz Dora and Vaz Dahlia pictured in the center column will be available for purchase as bred yearlings this coming year 2020. If anyone is interested in acquiring them as open doelings please contact us prior to March 2020. We plan on scheduling breeding in April for fall 2020 kids.  Asking $1250 Individually or $2000 together open. Once bred pricing  be $1400 a head.  They are both  Dna-Parent verified.  Planning on breeding to Vaz 3DS Don Diego.  See him on buck page. Their dam is 3DS Destiny see her on doe page. They were 5 months old in the pictures. Will update pictures this spring  or possibly before if requested depending on weather conditions.

Savanna Buck

Vaz Denver

Fullblood Savanna Buckling

Dob: 6/2/2019

2x2 teat structure perfect spacing

Dna -P Verified

Registered with Pedigree International

Sire Vaz 3DS Don Diego

Dam Vaz Dakota


Pictures taken Sept 6th 2019 See Below

3 months old in pics

Will update his pics this spring 2020

Currently available at a reduced price of $650 until                          Dec 15 2019 Only!

Price will increase as be becomes a yearling. 

Please check back in March 2020 for new pics new evaluation and updated pricing.



Savanna Commercial Buckling

#83--Sale Pending to Donna N.

Commercial Savanna Buckling

Fullblood Savanna buckling without papers

3 months old in picture. Now 6 months old as of Dec 5 2019

1x1 teat structure

9lbs at birth

41 lbs at 60 days

53 lbs at 90 days

62 lbs on 10/2/2019 (117 days)

contact for more details.

Asking for $300 but if no travel papers needed will sell at $250 for quick sale. Last chance offer!


Please check back with us!

3DS Kingman

Fullblood Savanna

Proven Buck Dna-S he turns 4 years in January 2020

1x1 teated nice pigment

Now available I can no longer use his bloodline too many daughters in my herd.

Asking a very reasonable price willing to sell with or without papers would like to see him go to a nice farm. His low pricing is not due to quality but to allow for the buyers to afford transport due to our location.

Email us from the contact page  with any questions. thank you for following us!

$800 with papers- $600 without papers commercial  sale price