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We evalulate and price each animal individually following breed standards and Performance values. We understand distance & transportation costs so we try to price our goats affordably. Bucklings range from $500 - $1000 Mature Bucks when available can range from $1000 -$2000. Commercial Non registered bucklings are price from $300 - $400. Please read our sales policy before selecting your goat(s) to be purchased. Current pricing is valid thru Nov 30 2020 only. We are flexible on pickup dates.”
If you see a pedigree button we have already received the registration papers click on it to see them.”

Vaz Solitaire

dob: 3/17/2020

Birth weight 11 lbs

Weaning Wgt 66 lbs

120 Day ---30 day Post Weaning--- 80 lbs

Sire: 3DS Don Diego

Dam: Vaz Dakota

see sire on buck page

see dam on doe page

Dna parent verified by UC Davis

Registered with  Pedigree International

Deposit $100       Can hold until Oct 2020


Registration Transfer and Vet inspection included in price

His main photo just updated 7/27 he is now 4 months old. 

photos in the following photo gallery  he was 3 months when they were taken.

Vaz Titan

Dob: 3/27/2020


Birthweight  10.5 lbs

Weaning wgt: 62 lbs

120 Day wgt: 74 lbs

Sire: 3DS Kingman

Dam: VAZ Mia

Sire on Buck page

Dam on Doe page

Dna Parent Verified by UC Davis

Registered & Microchipped

Deposit $100

Can hold until Oct 2020


Registration Transfer and Vet inspection (if needed for travel) included in price.

See following photo gallery for more pics



Vaz Geronimo

Fullblood Dna Parent verified

Dob : 3/23/2020

Birth Wgt: 7 lbs

Weaning Wgt at 90 days:  60 lbs

120 day wgt: 73 lbs


Registered & Microchipped

Sired by OAK DS 148 Bravehart DZR

Dam is VAZ Maya

Small deposit holds him

Can hold until Oct 2020


See following pics taken 6/30/2020


Vaz Sir Gawain

Fullblood savanna buckling

Youngest of the spring kids Just Weaned 7/27


Dna-Parent Verified

Birthweight 10 lbs

30 day weight 25 lbs

60 day weight 40 lbs

90 day weaning weight 54 lbs

Sired by Don Diego see on buck page

Dam is Vaz Fiona see on Doe Page

The Granddam Bella has WWE05 and Zeus in her lines see her bloodlines on our pedigree page listed as Bella scroll almost to bottom.

Registered & Microchipped

Photos taken 7/27 see more below

$50 deposit holds until October

Price $800